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Tennessee Rex

The Tennessee Rex is a naturally occurring mutation that spontaneously appeared in the Tennessee Valley in the summer of 2004. Now this breed is quickly becoming more and more fans worldwide.

  The curled coat with satin and glitter shine makes the breed is unique in the cat fancy.

We are registered with The International Cat Association and we abide by the TICA Responsible Breeder Programme and their Code of Ethics.

"This cattery has NOT been inspected by and is not endorsed by The International Cat Association, Inc."

Beauty is to enthuse us for work,
and work is to raise us up

C. K. Norwid Promethidion

(cited after John Paul II Letter to Artists)

amazing things
are so close to us

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Tomasz Król

Niezwykły kot dla niezwykłych ludzi. Nie dziwię się, że to Ty, Elu, hodujesz tę rasę. Życzę powodzenia, bo szczęście to już masz.

Iza Grodecka

WoW! Cud natury! Czego to natura nie wymyśli.

Zofia Winnicka

Wszystkie Pani koty są piękne i wspaniałe, i bardzo towarzyskie, ale ta nowa rasa - coś niesamowitego, przebija wszystko.

Maine Coon & Tennessee Rex